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Reasons Why You Could Have Inconsistent Water Supply in Your Home

It’s always best to call a plumber to inspect your water supplies in case there’s an underlying issue that could cost you hefty repairs down the road. But you don’t need to worry about an inconsistent water supply too much as it is very common and treatable.

Here are a few common causes why you might be facing an inconsistent water supply.

Limescale buildup

If your area has a supply of hard water (water consisting of high levels of magnesium, calcium, etc.), limescale can sometimes build up inside your water lines. This issue is more prevalent in hot water pipes since limescale is formed when hard water is heated.

When the buildup worsens, it restricts the pipe’s diameter and lowers the water pressure.

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Fault in your pressure regulator

Unless you’re a plumber yourself, you might not be aware of a pressure regulator installed in your home. This particular device helps you convert a high-pressure supply of water from the city into a low-pressure supply that won’t damage your residential piping system.

Old, galvanized pipes

If you have a home that was built in the mid-1900s, then you might be using the old, galvanized steel piping. The galvanized pipes have an anti-rust coat that can last for years. However, when it does wear out, the pipes can easily start to corrode from the insides.

This corrosion may create a thick buildup inside your piping and reduce the diameter of the pipes. This results in lower water pressure in your taps. If you still have galvanized steel pipes, it’s best to go for a replacement.

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