Improving the Quality of Your Water – A Specialty Service from Your 1 Plumber.

No doubt you’ve noticed over time that most water treatment companies are not plumbers, and that most plumbing companies are not water treatment specialists.

Your 1 Plumber is that rare combination of both.

As such, we can custom design, install and maintain the right water treatment system for your home. Here are just a few of your options:

Whole-House Water Filtration System

This is for the “I want it all” crowd: better tasting water, cleaner and healthier water, and water that softens as it cleans your dishes, clothes, skin, and hair. Here are other benefits you can look forward to with a whole-house water filter:

  • Relief from allergy and asthma symptoms as cleaner water also impacts the quality of your indoor air.
  • Whole-house water filtration is the only truly effective means of providing you with clean water while showering.
  • A whole-house water filter provides important protection against any type of breakdown in municipal water delivery and sanitation systems.
  • It spares you the need to load up on bottled water at home which, on average, is no better than unfiltered tap water to begin with. Plus, by reducing your bottled water consumption, you’ll be helping to conserve natural resources, as vast quantities of oil, for example, are you used to make and ship and bottled water.

Install A Water Filtration System

Consider installing a whole-house filtration system. Not only can this help remove mineral deposits from the water, it will also take care of many other undesirable residue that may have entered the water supply.

Removing some of the problems from your water can make the drinking water taste better and improve the health of your home and family for many reasons. For instance, filtering out such detrimental chemicals means your clothing will be free of suspicious chemical irritants, helping it last longer and reducing sensitive skin issues.

Water filtration will also prevent chlorine vapors from being released into the air when the dishwasher is running, and clean filtered water also means cleaner dishes free of soap scum and residue. A whole-house water filtration system can even alleviate the effects of asthma and allergies, and it reduces the risk of showering or bathing tainted water.

The benefit of hiring Your 1 Plumber is that we know and understand the whole house plumbing system. Your water supply indoor and outside as well as all the pipes and connections to the appliances and fixtures. Hiring a professional licensed plumber is your best way to insure the job will be done right.

Whole-House Water Softener

A water softening system is designed to remove hard-water-causing minerals you’re your city or well water supply which, in turn, results in countless benefits, including the following:

  • Cleaner, shinier hair
  • Relief from dry, itchy skin
  • Less soap and shampoos needed
  • Less laundry detergent needed, too
  • Cleaner dishes, cutlery, cups, and glasses, etc.
  • Softer, whiter clothes
  • Less wear and tear on your pipes and plumbing fixtures
  • Less wear and tear on all water-using appliances
  • Big money savings on detergents, personal care products, reduced plumbing repairs, and more

A home water softener is a great solution to overcome the effects of hard water when, at the same time, there are no serious health risks that make your water unsafe, unfit, or undesirable to drink or cook with.

Install A Water Softener

Hard water leaves mineral deposits in fixtures, which reduces the efficiency of washing machines, dishwashers and hot water heaters.

A properly installed water softening system will help prevent such deposits from occurring, thereby increasing efficiency and lowering your cost over the long run from having to replace them sooner. Those are not the only perks, though. Installing a water softening system has a positive cosmetic effect as well, since hard water is damaging to skin and hair.

Installing a water softening system can conserve water, improve the health and vitality of your skin not to mention not leave the mineral residue on your skin, clothes and dishes.

We Care About Water Quality

Homeowners face interesting water challenges unique to the area they live in. Here in Maryland and Northern Virginia, there can be hard water, mineral build up and other possible issues with your water. Even a well isn’t a respite from the water problems.

Build up of mineral deposits, chemicals and other pollutants can create all sorts of plumbing and health issues. Fortunately, preventing and protecting from some of these issues is reasonably affordable for any home or business owner, whether on a well or public water when you consider all the factors and the potential on savings from having to buy bottled water or water delivery.