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Service Agreements

If You Want the Most Plumbing for Your Money, Just Keep on Reading!

The most plumbing for your money? It’s yours, starting today, simply by enrolling in the Plumbing Service Agreement (PSA) program…from Your 1 Plumber.

Maintain Your Plumbing and Save with a Plumbing Service Agreement

Low Monthly Investment: $9.95/month

Easy Annual Investment: $120.00/year

The heart and soul of our PSA is an annual whole-house plumbing inspection, which delivers the following benefits:

  • Prevents plumbing problems through ongoing system maintenance
  • Provides added comfort, convenience and safety
  • Adds years to the effective lifespan of your plumbing fixtures and systems

But that’s not all you get for your one low monthly or yearly membership fee. Here’s more:

  • 5 Years Parts & Labor Warranty on Repairs: You automatically receive a 5 Year Parts & Labor Warranty on repairs we perform (drain or sewer cleaning, toilet stoppages, and water pipe leaks excluded).
  • 10% Discount on All Plumbing Services & Repairs.
  • You’ll also save money on utilities through increased plumbing efficiency.
  • PSA customers received priority scheduling over non-PSA customers.
  • 5year minimum enrollment required.

And let’s not forget added peace of mind. The kind that comes from a professional plumbing company proactively inspecting and monitoring all plumbing fixtures and systems, one year after another. To put all the benefits of our PSA to work for you, simply subscribe online now, or contact Your 1 Plumber for more information.



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    Annual Plumbing Inspection

    The annual plumbing inspection includes a visual inspection of the following:

    Bathroom Toilet

    • Dye test toilet
    • Toilet flush
    • Anti-siphon filling device
    • Supply line
    • Emergency water shut-off
    • Base movement
    • Drips
    • Toilet seat
    • Bolt caps

    Bathroom Sink & Faucet

    • Faucet drips/leaks
    • Aerator
    • Faucet mounting
    • Supply lines
    • Emergency water shut-off
    • Handle operation
    • Drain flow
    • Trap and tubing
    • Pop-up assembly operation

    Bathroom Tub & Shower

    • Faucet drips / leaks
    • Shower head
    • Tub spout
    • Handle operation
    • Diverter assembly
    • Trip level operation
    • Stopper operation
    • Drain flow


    • Faucet drips / leaks
    • Aerator
    • Faucet mounting
    • Hand sprayer
    • Drain flow
    • Trap and tubing
    • Supply lines
    • Emergency water shut-off
    • Strainers
    • In-sink garbage disposer
    • Dishwasher airgap and loop
    • Ice maker filter
    • Ice maker em. water shut-off
    • Instant hot water dispenser
    • Soap dispenser

    Utility / Sump

    • Laundry faucet drips/leaks
    • Aerator
    • Faucet mounting
    • Handle operation
    • Anti-siphon device
    • Drain flow
    • Trap and tubing
    • Emergency water shut-off
    • Strainer
    • Washer hoses hot & cold
    • Washer em. water shut-off
    • Sump pump operations
    • Pit clean
    • Battery fluid level
    • Cover secure

    Water Heater

    • Fuel type: Gas, LP, Electric
    • Emergency water shut-off
    • Check relief valve
    • Burner assembly
    • Emergency gas shut-off
    • Draft venting
    • Flue piping
    • Flush young heater
    • Check hose bibs
    • Emergency water shut-off
    • Vacume breaker
    • Sealed and anchored
    • Main water shut-off
    • Pressure regulating valve
    • Water pressure