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Natural gas remains one of the best ways to heat your home, cook your meals or give your home that easy to use fireplace or grill.

Suspect a gas leak? How would you know if there is a gas leak?  If you smell gas and or hear a hissing sound or see an exposed pipeline, these are just some of the possible signs of a gas leak. Play it safe and don’t take chances if you suspect a gas leak. Unfortunately, sometimes homeowners are not sure who to call. In case of a suspected gas leak, you should be prepared ahead of time.

Check with your local gas company before a gas emergency happens that way you know the proper procedures. If you think there could be a gas leak, do NOT turn electrical items or lights on or off. Leave the area and call the gas company or 911 from a safe distance. Once the area is determined safe by the gas company, they may instruct you to contact a professional to repair the gas line if it’s not their responsibility.

If your home or business has a natural gas line, you should familiarize yourself with the local gas company, including their section on safety.

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Sewer gas or a sewer gas smell coming from your drains or sewer lines is another potential problem homeowners and businesses face, that stems from different issues – from odorous sewer gas to poisonous sewer gas and even gas explosions, this is a potentially dangerous and even deadly problem that needs to be solved by a professional experienced with these type of issues.

Troubleshooting any type of gas like odor may require special equipment that can locate the source of the leak or break. Sewer gas smells can come from a wide variety of problems and rather than risking the health and safety of your family, you should leave the area immediately and let a professional deal with it.