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Toilets tend to last many years and often we take them for granted. So we don’t replace them until there is a serious problem.

The toilet is the biggest household water bandit; the average toilet uses 4 to 7 gallons per flush!

These days toilets are designed with updated technology that means they last longer with fewer problems. Modern toilets are more than just a place to relieve yourself. Along with durability and design, people are looking for other useful toilet features, such as ease of cleaning, ability to flush simulated waste, water conservation, and a relaxing atmosphere.

Below are some of the products that have garnered positive reviews in online consumer reports.

The Viper

Gerber Viper High Performance Toilet

Take a look at the Gerber Viper High Performance Toilet. The Viper offers high quality, reliable and dependable service every time. It comes in two versions: the elongated model and the round-bowl version. It also comes in an ADA-approved seat height. The main benefit of the Viper Toilet is that it saves water. It also will provide a reliable and dependable flush every time.

Don’t let the low water consumption fool you. Even though this toilet is in fact rated to use fewer gallons per flush, Gerber didn’t lose any of the high quality or high performance. The fully glassed trap way has a 2″ opening and has been tested with a 2″ ball and that passed through the system with flying colors. With that being said, you can have confidence that any waste will pass through the system without any problems.

The Ultra Flush

Gerber Ultra Flush Toilet

In general, pressure-assisted toilets are the best type of toilets you can get for your money. They last longer than most gravity toilets. One of the best toilets of its league, and one that garnered the top spot in laboratory tests, is the two-piece Gerber Ultra Flush. It comes in two versions: the elongated model and the round-bowl version. It also comes in an ADA-approved seat height.

The Gerber Ultra Flush is equipped with Sloan Flushmate Flushometer-Tank System and consumes less than 1.6 gallons per flush. This toilet makes use of compressed air inside the tank and creates turbo-charged flush action for easy bowl cleaning. It also generates the largest water surfaces when it comes to low consumption toilets, preventing stain build-up and making it easier to clean. Moreover, pressure-assisted toilets are usually known for being noisy, but the Gerber Ultra Flush seems to be an exception.

Toilevator Toilet Elevator

Toilevator Toilet Riser

The Toilevator Toilet Riser is the leading toilet elevator that adds 3.5 inches to your existing toilet. Suitable for people with mobility issues such as arthritis or those who use a wheelchair, the Toilevator Toilet Riser helps give you independence. The Toilevator is safe and secure, and best of all only requires one time installation.

When life dictates the need for an elevated toilet seat, the Toilevator Toilet Elevator provides a safe, economical and hygienic answer. The Toilevator acts as a spacer between the floor and toilet base, raising the entire toilet by 3-1/2″ and supports up to 500lbs. The addition of the Toilevator Toilet Riser elevates the toilet in a non-obtrusive, aesthetically pleasing manner which can be comfortably used by the whole family.

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