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Signs Of Gas Leaks in Your Home

The majority of the homes in the US have at least one appliance that relies on natural gas. To protect yourself and your family from the harmful consequences of any potential gas leaks, it’s vital to understand how to identify if there’s a leak in your home.

How to tell if there’s a leak?

Rotten odor

One of the easiest ways to tell if there’s a gas leak in your home is the “rotten egg odor”. Gas companies intentionally add Mercaptan, a chemical that adds a noticeable smell to the natural gas. Although the smell is pungent, it makes it very easy for people to detect a leak before it’s too late.

If you smell any rotten egg or sulfur in your home without any apparent source, it might be an indication that there’s a leak. Call an inspection service immediately!

Fatigue and Sickness

If you’re exposed to a gas leak for a long time, it can induce deadly symptoms such as weakness, sickness, suffocation, nausea, and severe headaches. If you and your family members feel abnormally fatigued and sick, call an ambulance. And get your house checked for any gas leaks.

Irritated skin

An abundance of natural gas in your home can cause numbness and blisters. If you feel that your skin is irritating too often, it might be due to a gas leak in your home. Moreover, exposure to CO may also discolor your skin.

Dead plants or bushes

If a gas leak is not detected for a long time, it can affect the health of your houseplants. As plants need sufficient oxygen to thrive, exposure to natural gas can affect the oxygen level and affect the plants’ health.

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