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A Stainless Bucket on a Wooden Well

Which Material Is the Best For Well Casings?

Many aspects need to be considered to build a water well, and one of them is the well casing. A well casing protects and maintains the well opening. Therefore, it’s important for a well casing to stay protected from cracks and other damages. A plumbing service company can help you choose the best material for your well casing.   

While there are multiple options, many technical factors affect the decision.


Most people choose carbon steel as one of the most common choices for well casings.

Carbon steel is an inexpensive material that is also very strong. Carbon steel well casing is unlikely to malfunction and is even used for deep wells.

The main disadvantage of a carbon steel well casing is its prone to corrosion. Water exposure causes carbon steel to rust if the well water contains high mineral and salt concentrations, it will rust even faster. When rust spreads, it damages the well casing’s structural reliability, causing the well casing to collapse.

If you want to stop the casing from rusting, you can choose stainless steel instead. Stainless steel’s price point is much higher compared to carbon steel. Using stainless steel will reduce the risk of rust, but the overall cost of well installation increases.


PVC is commonly used to make well casings for modern wells. PVC is corrosion-resistant and fairly strong. PVC is also economical, making it a good alternative for people with low budgets and saving installation costs.

However, PVC is not as strong as carbon steel, which can heighten the risk of a total well collapse. When the well casing fails, your well gets damaged, and the pump may see damage as well. If you choose PVC, you will have to conserve water throughout droughts to maintain the water pressure in the well.


Fiberglass can be a good choice if you’re not sure about steel and PVC; a well casing made of fiberglass won’t corrode. Fiberglass is generally more robust than PVC, which means it’s an ideal choice to ensure the well casing won’t malfunction. It’s normally less expensive than stainless steel, but it’s more expensive than PVC.

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