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Four sewer lines outside a building

The Most Common Sewer Problems

Sewer line problems are a real hassle. They often cost a hefty amount in repairs and leave even costlier damage behind. Some sewer line problems don’t directly affect your house but increase the risk of clogging, so you have to call a plumber every few months. 

At Your 1 Plumber, we regularly make all kinds of sewer repairs throughout our service areas. Here are the problems we most commonly face.

Root Intrusion

Tree roots underground are constantly looking for water. They pierce through the soil as they grow and spread slowly. A root from a nearby tree may come into contact with your sewer line. They may not find any water if your sewer line is intact, but they can exert an increasing amount of pressure and get inside your sewer line eventually. 

The inside of your sewer line is a buffet for tree roots. They grow to maximize their surface area so they can absorb as much water and nutrients as possible. This leads to frequent clogs. Hire a professional plumber in Maryland to fix the intrusion at its root!

Pipe Shifting 

Your sewer line is buried under tonnes of substrate. Foundation problems such as shifting, sinkholes, or increased substrate weight due to rainwater can exert stress on the sewer line. This can cause the PVC and iron pipes to bend, increasing the risk of clogging. If you have asbestos pipes, pipe shifting will crack the line and lead to leaks.

Pipe shifting can’t be prevented. Still, you can prevent the damages it leads to by getting your sewer line inspected every few years.

Sewer Line Blockage

Often, the problem isn’t your sewer line, but something stuck in it. There’s a reason you’re not supposed to flush down anything other than waste and toilet paper. Objects can get stuck in the joints and lead to clogs. 

Even if you use chemical drain cleaners (which we don’t recommend), it will only fix the clogging temporarily. It won’t do anything about the stuck object. If your sewer line gets clogged every few weeks, hire a plumbing service in Germantown and have it fixed once and for all.

Pipe Corrosion

Every material is vulnerable to corrosion from one chemical or another. Sewer lines can corrode from the inside and outside due to exposure to different chemicals and organisms. Certain chemical drain cleaners are particularly corrosive against some sewer line materials. If you use drain cleaners all the time, it will eventually corrode your pipes, and you’ll need a new line.

Your 1 Plumber offers reliable solutions to plumbing problems and honest and fair prices. Our organic drain cleaner service unclogs your pipes without corroding your sewer plumbing. We also offer back-up sump pump service, toilet replacement service, and water heater repair in Germantown. 

Want your sewer line fixed professionally? Hire our services now!

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