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Water-damaged basement floor

How Sump Pumps Are Professionally Installed

Sump pumps are a great way to prevent your house from flooding in an emergency. A sump pump automatically turns on when your basement starts to flood, keeping the water level from rising and causing water damage. 

At Your 1 Plumber, we specialize in keeping your basement safe from flooding. We have over 15 years of experience in backup sump pump installation and water line repair service. Here’s how our plumbers install sump pumps professionally.

Setting The Sump Basin

The sump pump is installed inside a sump basin. First, we dig a hole in the concrete wide and deep enough for the sump basin to fit. Then, we place a filter fabric under the sump basin before placing it in the hole. The filter prevents any silt from getting inside the sump basin and clogging the sump pump.

Sump pump manufacturers also recommend placing a paver on top of the rock and placing the sump pump on top of the paver. We carefully place a paver in the sump basin before moving to the next step.

Installing The Sump Pump

The sump pump uses a quite similar mechanism to your toilet tank to turn itself on and off, depending on the water level. The pump has a float attached to the side with a very low specific gravity, so it stays at the surface of the water around the pump. As the water table rises, so does the float. 

The float turns on the pump when it reaches a certain height, and the water in the sump sink starts getting pumped out. The pump turns off when there’s little to no water left and the float has reached the bottom. We install the sump pump with this mechanism and the movement of the float in mind.

Installing The Plumbing

Plumbing is installed to take water from the sump pump outside your house. The plumbing is pretty simple, except a check valve is installed above the sump pump. This one-way valve prevents water from flowing back toward the sump sink when the sump pump gets turned off.

The route of the plumbing depends on where your plumber found it best to install the sump pump and where you want the water to go out. If all of this is handled by an experienced Maryland plumber, the sump pump will work as intended to prevent flooding in your house.

Your 1 Plumber is the most trusted plumbing services provider in Germantown. In addition to the general plumbing services, our technicians specialize in toilet replacement, water line repair, plumbing installation, and water heater replacement service in Germantown.

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