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Sewer Line Replacement: Things to Know and Expect

Have you noticed odd sounds coming out of your sewer line? Do you smell unpleasant odors? Is it leaking and causing a spike in your water bill?  Looks like your sewer line needs replacement. With the right sewer repair services, your sewer can be working perfectly in no time.

See what our experts have to tell you about sewer line replacement.

1. Water Bill Spike

One of the biggest indicators that your sewer line needs replacement is a spike in your water bill. Your water bill depends on how much water you consume monthly. However, if your bill is higher than your consumption, that’s a sign something’s wrong. The most probable reason can be that there’s more water flow in the system.

This happens when the sewer line starts leaking. As a result, the water meter measures that more water is being used and the bill turns out to be higher. A leak in the sewer line can be repaired easily. However, if that doesn’t work, your sewer line needs replacement. Our plumbers in Columbia and Federick are always ready to assist you with sewer repairs.

2. Gurgling Pipes

Do you  occasionally hear your pipes gurgling? That’s not a problem. However, continuous gurgling indicates that your pipes might be blocked or damaged. When the sewer line is blocked, it doesn’t drain water out. Consequently, the sewer pipes start making gurgling sounds. A professional plumbing service can clean and repair the pipes. However, if they’re damaged, your sewer line needs replacement.

3. Worn Out Pipes

It isn’t uncommon for sewer lines to fail because of old age. At some point, when repairs are no longer effective, your sewer line needs replacement. There will come a time when they will not work as efficiently as they did before. Moreover, worn-out sewer pipes are more likely to burst and cause leakage. This will cause unpleasant smells to engulf your home–and it can damage your home’s structure as well.

These are the reasons why it’s important to get a sewer line replacement as soon as possible. From recurrent pipe clogs to old pipes, there are plenty of reasons your sewer line might need replacement.

If you’re noticing any such signs that your sewer line needs replacement, contact us. At Your 1 Plumber, we offer various plumbing services. Whether you need water line repair or water heater replacement, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us now.

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