Your 1 Plumber can repair, replace or install your outdoor faucets and spigots.

Potential Spigot Problems

Leaks are the most common problem. Over time, leaks are going to happen to outdoor spigots. From the extreme weather swings to years of use, materials break down. That slow drip can become costly over time as each month it adds to your water bill. It may see like it’s not much, but that slow drip can add up to hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water. The slow drip of water and accumulation of minerals can also cause your patio or driveway to stain. Small leaks can also eventually turn into big ones potentially causing water damage to your property.

Need a New Spigot Installed?

While most homes already have outdoor spigots, they are not always in the most convenient area. There are many reasons to want to add a new outdoor faucet and while a property owner can often get away with using a longer hose to reach the garage, driveway, garden, porch, or stairs it’s also very convenient to have the water right where you need it.

Usefulness of Outdoor Faucets

There are dozens of uses for an outdoor faucet.. Below are some other things that an outside spigot is useful for:

  • Washing your dog
  • Washing your car
  • Filleting fish
  • Camping cleanup
  • Garden cleanup
  • Instant summer water sports
  • Filling a birdbath
  • Cleaning gutters
  • Spraying off boots
  • Washing tarps
  • Scrubbing trash containers
  • Washing boats, motorcycles, and bikes
  • Scrubbing the exterior of the house
  • Watering plants
  • Cleaning car floor mats
  • Filling a pool
  • Mixing cement
  • Cleaning the grill
  • Washing painting supplies
  • Filling water balloons
  • Hosing off the kids
  • Cleaning out coolers
  • Spraying off outdoor gear and toys
  • Refilling water pistols and cannons
  • Putting out the firepit
  • Spraying out the wheelbarrow
  • Rinsing the driveway
  • Minimizing dust
  • Spraying off the porch
  • Watering trees and bushes
  • Washing out kiddie pools
  • Checking tires for leaks
  • Washing hands
  • Getting a drink without dragging dirt inside
  • Filling up jugs for sun tea
  • Spraying off the engine
  • Rinsing vegetables and fruits from the garden
  • Filling up animals water troughs or bowls
  • Spraying off the lawnmower
  • Watering down seeds
  • Washing off rugs
  • Spraying out baskets
  • Scrubbing outdoor utensils
  • Washing dishes in outdoor kitchen
  • Spraying off the deck
  • Removing leaves and grass clippings

So as you can see, there are many good reasons to have and use outdoor water faucets and spigots. Count on Your 1 Plumber to help you get more use from your outdoor plumbing.