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Toilets Repaired and Installed Here! Your 1 Plumber is “all things toilet”, and that includes:
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Common Toilet Repair Problems

If you’re wondering what might be wrong with your toilet, here are several distinct possibilities:
  • The flush is strong, but only partial. This could be caused by a waterlogged flapper valve; or, the flapper could be dropping too fast.
  • You hear the sound of your toilet filling up with water, even when it isn’t. Plumbers call this a “phantom filler”; all that really means is that your tank is leaking. Here’s how you can be certain: grab some food dye and pour a small amount in the tank (not the bowl), but only after the tank is full. Then wait five minutes or so and look inside the bowl. If the water has changed color to match the color of the food dye, you definitely have a cracked tank.
  • Your toilet won’t completely flush. This usually points to a broken or loose chain inside the tank. If it’s simply come loose, that’s a “repair” you can easily handle on your own.
  • You spot water under the tank. Typically this is caused by worn washers around the bolts attached to the feed line. If tightening the bolts doesn’t stop water from leaking, either the washers, seals, or both need to be replaced.
  • The bowl is draining slower than normal. This probably means that some or all of your flush holes (those located under the rim of the bowl) are partially clogged.

If you’re trying and trying to fix your toilet yourself but not having much luck, we’re right here to lend a helping hand.




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    New, Low-Flush Toilets from Your 1 Plumber

    If it’s been several years since you’ve purchased a new toilet, you’re in for a big surprise. Today, in fact, you have two basic options: low-flush and dual-flush. Both types have been designed to replace the big water guzzlers of yore.

    Low-flush toilets, for example, consume no more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Compare that to your current toilet that probably consumes 3-5 gallons per flush. Dual flush toilets, with their half flush and full flush modes, help save even more water, using just .8 gallons for liquid waste (half flush), and up to 1.6 gallons for solid waste (full flush).

    Does reduced water consumption translate to reduced flushing capacity? Not even a little.

    Plus, you still have plenty of style and color options to choose from…the right style and size of toilet for any home and budget.

    One more thing: if you have a family member who needs a little extra help, be sure to ask about our selection of high seat toilets up to 19” above the ground. That reduces the risk of falling by making it much easier to sit and get back up again.

    For plumbing repairs, new toilets, and toilet installation, contact Your 1 Plumber today. And be sure to print, save, and redeem the coupon below.