Dishwasher installation can be a tricky procedure, but you can have peace of mind when you hire our professionals to do the job right.

You can be confident in knowing that your appliance is going to be installed correctly by an one of our experienced technicians. We appreciate and understands that your dishwasher can be an expensive piece of equipment. Our qualified plumbers will be able to install it carefully without damaging it or your property in any way.

Our goal is to make sure that your dishwasher is working properly so that it will last for as long as possible.

Not sure what type of Dishwasher to have installed?

There are different types of dishwashers available depending on your needs and the amount of space you have in your home. You can find a model that will fit into your kitchen and that will work well.

Built-in standard dishwashers are a great investment and popular choice for many people. These dishwashers offer plenty of space and often have two racks so that you can put plenty of dishes in them at one time.

Compact dishwashers are smaller models. Many manufacturers offer these smaller options so that you can enjoy having a tinier dishwasher if you do not have space for a larger model or have a smaller household and do not need the extra space.

Drawer dishwashers are energy efficient options. You can buy a single drawer dishwasher to help you cut down on your energy and water bills if you just need to wash small loads. A single dish drawer will need to be custom fitted in your home by a professional installer. There is also a larger double drawer option. It can hold as many dishes as traditional option and can fit into the same space.

Portable dishwashers can be the perfect choice for smaller homes. They can be brought out when needed and attached to the faucet and sink to drain out. They are a convenient option for anyone looking for a dishwasher in a small home.

Counter top dishwashers can also be a good choice. They can sit on your counter top and will work well for small loads. They are another space saving choice.

So when you are ready to have your new dishwasher hooked up by a professional, count on Your 1 Plumber.