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Sink Replacement

Your 1 Plumber can install the perfect sink for your home or business - from kitchen sinks to utility sinks - we install them all!

About Sinks and Sink Installations or Replacements

Sinks are part of every day life for all of us, so it’s important that the sink is the correct size and always working properly. Sinks come in different sizes and shapes depending on their use. In every home, places or rooms where water is used daily must have a sink to direct water to the drains. Sinks are commonly used in areas like kitchen, bathroom and other rooms where water is mostly used.

Sink installation should be very precise and calls for a professional plumber to ensure exact fitting and good drainage of water through the drainage pipes.

What Kind Of Sink Do You Need Installed?

Kitchen Sink

Perhaps, one of the favorite times at home is preparing meals for family or asking the kids to wash some dishes or kitchen utensils. These sometime messy chores need to be done on a kitchen sink which should be well fitted to avoid further mess and water damage. Before purchasing or replacing the old sink, it is advisable to consider not only sink size but also the size of the kitchen. Also decide on which type of sink you require for your kitchen. Many homes will prefer stainless steel sinks since they possess qualities that make them a good choice to any home owner. Moreover, stainless steel sinks have many advantages which include:

  • They are fairly affordable
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • They do not rust



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    Kitchen Sink

    In any home, the bathroom is used day-in-day-out especially a bathroom sink. You wash your hands, brush your teeth, shave and more, so why not have a sink that works just right for your needs? You can choose the size, shape and material it is made of such as Porcelain but there are many differing types that include; Vessel sink, double and single sinks just to mention but a few.

    Utility Sink

    Utility sink has a wide range of uses in any home. They are located in various places inside and outside the house and are commonly used for laundry, cleaning garden tools, washing small pets and or cleaning stuff in a garage. A utility sink is not fancy and mainly made from tough materials since they are used inside or outside the house to accomplish tough tasks. Generally, they can be used for all washing needs in a home and they help keep your home clean and much more organized. Utility sinks are much lighter yet durable and do not rust.

    The Bottom line on Sinks

    In every home, office, or any other area, different sinks are used to serve different purposes. The right sinks help keep your family and the home tidy and reduce chances of water spilling over the floor surface. Sink installations and replacement is a precise job and one our professionally trained plumbers do best, so call us today.