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A child with a sponge dealing with a clogged kitchen sink drain

Clogged Drains? Here are 4 Proven Ways to Prevent Drain Clogging

Clogged drains are a frustrating and inconvenient issue that is quite common in many households. Clogged drains can easily make someone late for work, school, etc. The tasks are delayed, and it’s not only annoying but cleaning them up is a hassle.

Apart from disrupting our daily routines, they can also lead to costly repairs if left untreated. However, a service provider like Your 1 Plumber can provide affordable drain cleaning services to remove your frustration.

Yet, wouldn’t it be smart to prevent drain clogging in the first place? Usually, all the blame is placed on the hair, but there are various other reasons as well.

Strategies To Prevent Drain Clogging

Dealing with clogged drains can be a hassle, but implementing these four proven prevention methods can save you the headache of frequent repair and plumbing issues.

1. Use Drain Screens Or Strainers

Drain screens or strainers are a simple and effective method to prevent drain clogging. These inexpensive gadgets are made to prevent hair, food, and other things from going down the drain. Screens or strainers placed over drains in the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, showers, and bathtub can drastically reduce clogs. 

2. Use Hot Water

An incredible home treatment to prevent drain clogging is using hot water. It’s effective at dissolving and flushing away soap scum, grease, and other potential pipe clog-causing particles.

Give the drains in your kitchen, bathrooms, and showers a good cleaning by pouring hot water down them at least once every week. Doing this occasionally keeps your drains clear of debris that could cause clogs.

3. Pay Attention to What Goes Down the Drain

It is easy to prevent drain clogging with just a little awareness. Don’t flush huge pieces of food, trashed coffee grounds, or grease down the drain. Instead, remove leftovers and scrape oily pans with a paper towel before cleaning.

Likewise, it’s best to avoid flushing anything that isn’t biodegradable. Remember that toilets are meant for flushing bodily waste and sanitary paper down the drain. Baby wipes, cotton balls, dental floss, and feminine hygiene products are all examples of non-biodegradable goods that should not be flushed. Throw them away in the garbage. 

4. Contact A Drain Cleaning Service Provider

If you want to keep your plumbing in good shape, you need to get the drains cleaned regularly by a professional. Sometimes even after trying our best to prevent drain clogging, it does. A practiced plumber can do a complete cleaning, removing all traces of buildup and restoring normal water pressure.

Maintaining your plumbing system with a professional drain cleaning service provider, like Your 1 Plumber, might assist in avoiding costly repairs down the road. If your drains tend to get clogged, you should consider having an expert drain cleaning service at least annually.

Your 1 Plumber Is Your Number One Drain Cleaning Service Provider

You should prevent drain clogging for a hassle-free routine. However, cleaning by an expert is equally important. So, if you need professional drain cleaning or plumbing services in the Germantown, Fredrick, Columbia, etc. areas, Your 1 Plumber is here to answer your call.

We provide the high-quality help you need to keep your pipes unclogged and running smoothly. So, don’t let clogged drains ruin your day. Contact us today!

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