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3 Signs Your Home Has Contaminated Water (And What To Do About It)

Do you think your home’s water is contaminated water? That’s not a good sign because contaminated water is dangerous in more than one. According to the World Health Organization, it’s responsible for transmitting diseases like cholera, diarrhea, and typhoid. It can cause a plethora of health risks, including death in worst-case scenarios.

Therefore, for your and your family’s safety, it’s important to deal with contaminated water the moment you notice it in your home.

Here are some signs that your home has contaminated water and what to do about it.

1. Yellow Water

Are you noticing yellow water coming out of your taps? That’s a sign that your home has contaminated water. The yellow tinge might be because of iron or manganese, which can damage your house’s pipes and cause them to become rusty.

In order to diagnose where the yellow water is coming from, you need to consider a couple of factors. Was your home’s plumbing system damaged by a recent flood? However, if that’s not the case, then check your water supply. If you get your water from a well or a spring, then bacteria or other contaminants could be the culprits behind this contamination.

In such cases, call a professional to have the water filtered as soon as possible to protect your family and pets.

2. Dirty or Cloudy Water

Is the water in your home dirty or cloudy? That may be because it’s polluted due to dirt or sediment. Such contamination takes place in case of floods or factory water leaks, which get mixed with the main source of water.

In order to test if your water is dirty, you can fill tap water into a glass. Once you do that, let it sit for a while. If you notice dirt or sediment, then there’s a high possibility that your home has contaminated water.

3. Change in Taste and Smell

Another indicator of whether your home has contaminated water or not is a change in taste. If you’re noticing that your tap water suddenly tastes different, there’s a high chance that it’s contaminated. This contamination can also take place due to a recent flood or something else that may have impacted the water supply of your home.

Does your water smell like rotten eggs or sewage? Well, clean water shouldn’t smell like that and that’s a sign that your home has contaminated water. This usually occurs when harmful bacteria are present in your water. Moreover, it can also damage your home’s plumbing system.

In such cases, you should get your water tested for contaminants immediately and call a plumber to ensure your house’s pipes aren’t damaged. At Your 1 Plumber, you can find various services such as water heater replacement in Maryland and water line repair service.

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