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Why Do Plumbing Pipes Bang, Whistle, And Creak?

If you want to avoid spending thousands on your plumbing system, you must be aware of potential issues with your home’s plumbing. Looking out for telltale warning signs can help you locate the plumbing issue in advance, and avoid major repair costs.

One of the most common ways to identify a plumbing issue is to look out for weird noises the pipes make. If your plumbing system makes any cracking, whistling, and banging noises, you must immediately call a professional plumbing service to take care of the problem.

But why do the plumbing pipes make such noises? Read on to find out.

Cracking or creaking sounds

If your pipes are creaking or cracking when you turn on the tap, this indicates that your water pipes are expanding and contracting. If the water is too hot, it heats the pipe and causes it to expand. This makes a creaking sound inside the pipe.

As soon as you turn off the tap, the pipes cool down, and the metal starts contracting, which again causes it to make a creaking or cracking noise. One way to fix this issue is to have insulation installed around the pipe.

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Squealing or whistling in plumbing pipes is usually caused when the water is forced into a smaller opening. This happens when the water pressure is too high and the pipes’ openings are small. Or sometimes, the accumulating debris or mineral build-up in the faucets can reduce the size of the opening and cause it to whistle when you turn on the tap.

A simple way to fix this issue is by cleaning your water faucets or replacing the washer inside the tap.


A banging sound is a common plumbing issue that occurs when you shut off the water supply from any water faucet. This banging sound is also sometimes known as a water hammer. When you turn off the faucet suddenly, the water pressure stops abruptly and causes the pipes to bang against each other, creating a hammering sound.

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