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How to Detect Water Leaks in Your Rockville Home

Small neglected leaks in your plumbing system can create serious trouble for your property. Water seeps into walls, ruining paint and damaging insulation over time. Besides, moisture is a breeding ground for mold and leads to respiratory problems. Our water line repair services in Germantown repair and replace old pipes susceptible to water leakage and rusting.

We’re sharing some ways you can detect water leaks in your Rockville home.

Thoroughly Inspect Leaky Faucets in Your Kitchen and the Bathroom

Use a towel or a small container to test for spout leaks. Place a paper or a bowl under the faucet spout to see if it soaks any water. If you detect a leak when the faucet is turned on, the faucet’s O-ring needs replacement—probably because it’s worn out.    

Keep Your Water Bills in Check

If your water bill seems too overpriced, a dripping faucet or a leaky pipe can be the culprit here. Notice if your water consumption has increased over time. If not, a pipeline is probably leaking. Detecting pipe leakages can take up a lot of your time. Rope in our expert plumbers in Maryland to detect underground pipe leakages.

Look for Damp Walls—Especially in the Basement

Walls don’t discolor just like that. Some clues to detect a water leak are as follows:

  • A discolored drywall
  • A heavily blotchy wall with dense stains on it
  • A crack or water stain on the drywall
  • A musty smell from the walls

Damp basement walls are almost always bad news. An interior water leak can be one of the reasons why your basement wall is overly damp. A water leak can be from pipes located in the shower, kitchen, or bathrooms.  

The Stethoscope Test

A simple way for pipe leak detection is through vibrations coming from running water. Plumbing services frequently use the device to detect water leaks. During the test, it’s recommended all pipe fittings should be closed. Even after you use the stethoscope, finding the exact location of the leak may be tricky.

Detecting Underground Water Leaks

Stanford researchers have proposed a new way to locate underground leaks. They are calling it “The Water Hammer Test”. The test detects water leaks in transmission mains. Most water transmission mains in North America are equipped with sensors to gauge pressure.

In the test, the water supply in a given pipe is suddenly turned off, and data is collected for the subsequent shock wave. The shock wave holds clues for the location and size of the leak in underground pipes. This process is not your everyday water leak detection drill. Specialized equipment is required to perform the test.

Hire our plumbing experts for Germantown plumbing installation and water leak repair services. We’re a licensed and fully insured plumbing service operating in Maryland. Our team uses some of the best plumbing equipment and techniques for residential plumbing services. Call us at 3015407586 to talk to our service representative.

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