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How to Deal with A Sewer Back-Up

Are you noticing gurgling noises coming from your toilet or a slow drain? This usually occurs because of a single clogged drain, and all you need is a plunger. However, if the tub is backing up when you flush and the kitchen sink is flowing to your basement, you’re dealing with a major problem.

Backed-up sewers shouldn’t be taken lightly! If they occur, it’s vital to get them fixed promptly to avoid further issues and emergencies. After all, not only are they inconvenient, but they can also be dangerous if not handled properly.

Here’s how you should deal with sewer backups while waiting for plumbing services in Germantown.

Be Prepared Beforehand

The best way to manage a sewer backup is to not have one. One of the best ways to avoid them is to have plumbing companies conduct regular inspections. However, if your sewer lines are starting to cause problems, you’ll notice some subtle signs. We recommend you don’t ignore them and call a plumbing service immediately.

If the issue worsens, here are the steps you need to take.

  1. Know where the main shut-off valve is. Typically, they’re located in the basement or the attic.
  2. Find out where the main sewer line leads from the inside of the house (and outside, if applicable). All these lines will lead to the junction box that you should turn off as soon as you notice a serious problem.

Don’t Attempt to DIY Fix the Issue

If you have a sewer backup, don’t try to repair the issue by yourself. Instead, it’s best to call the professionals. That’s because they are trained to repair sewage backups and have the experience to restore your house to a safe living space again.

The main reason behind this is that sewage contains germs and bacteria that can affect your health if you come near it or touch the water. However, professionals are experienced in handling water damage and waste. They also have safety protocols set in place and ample equipment to prevent the spread of diseases.  That’s not all as these experts will also inspect nearby pipes, equipment, structures, etc., to ensure a safe repair.

This leads to our next point.

Call Professionals ASAP

If you have a sewer backup, we recommend you call a professional plumbing service immediately. A professional plumber is your best bet to ensure the problem doesn’t worsen. It’s also advised to call them during initial issues such as clogged drains. They can help clear out any debris obstructing so that water flows freely within the pipes.

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