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Buying a New Place? Here Is Why a Sewer Inspection Is Important

Are you looking for a new home? Then don’t forget to conduct a sewer inspection before closing the deal! Today, most homebuyers wouldn’t think of purchasing a home without one, especially when it comes to buying older houses.

That’s because these inspections provide valuable information about the sewer line’s condition. Usually, many homeowners miss any issues in them as they aren’t obvious from general inspections. Moreover, they ensure there won’t be any potential problems in your new place.

This blog post will explain why you should conduct sewer inspections when buying a new home.

Pipes in Older Houses Are Usually Worn Out

The pipes in older homes are worn out and susceptible to leaks. It’s why when you’re purchasing an older home, you need to conduct sewer inspections to learn about the conditions of the pipes.

Many General Inspectors Overlook Sewers

Sewer systems are underground, which means that they’re out of sight and ultimately out of the homeowner’s mind. Unfortunately, many home inspectors don’t look at sewers in detail. While they look at the plumbing, they don’t check out sewer systems that are an extension of it.

That’s also because they can be extensive. General home inspectors don’t have the experience, knowledge, and essential specialized equipment that allows them to conduct a proper inspection.

It Enables Homebuyers to Save Money

Purchasing a home is a costly affair. It is why homebuyers tend to cut costs at inspections.

However, this can prove to be costlier as the expenses of an inspection are negligible to that of a broken sewer line. Moreover, the issues can worsen and cause mold growth, flooding, and even structural damage. In this way, you’ll have to fork more cash than by conducting a sewer inspection.

Prevents Worse Case Scenarios

Let’s say you got your dream home within your budget after months of shopping around. You hired a general home inspector, and the report came out clean— so you move in. However, you start noticing problems within a few months.

It starts with a strange smell in the basement and gurgling noises in the drains. Soon you can’t flush your toilets, and a plumber tells you that you have a blockage due to a tree in the front yard. It’s not uncommon for roots from nearby trees to grow toward sewer lines because the moist conditions within the pipes can attract roots toward them.

When a root bursts a pipe open and damages old clay lines under the driveway, you’re looking at a bill slightly north of 15,000 dollars at least. However, if you had conducted a detailed sewer inspection, you would’ve known these problems beforehand.

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