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8 Common Signs, It’s Time for a Toilet Replacement

The toilet is one of the most used and important fixtures in any house, making it extremely important to our everyday lives. Having a clean and functional toilet in your home is a need.

However, toilets can wear out over time and eventually need to be replaced, just like any other plumbing component. Understanding when a toilet needs to be replaced is important for keeping bathrooms well-functioning and free of plumbing problems.

Your 1 Plumber is considered one of the most trusted professionals when it comes to plumbing services like toilet replacement services. We understand the common signs of toilet replacement and provide you with the best-quality toilet in Maryland areas.

In this post, we’ll look at eight indicators that your old toilet is on its last legs and that you should replace it with a newer, more sustainable model.

What Are The 8 Common Signs Of Toilet Replacement?

1. Constant Leakage:

A leaky toilet is one of the most obvious indicators that it’s time to get a new one. Water gathering at the toilet’s base or a steady stream into the bowl could be signs of a broken wax ring or other tank parts.

Water damage to the bathroom floor and the subsequent growth of mold are additional problems that can result from a leaking toilet.

2. Continuous Running:

There is probably a problem with the flushing mechanism if you hear water running when you aren’t using the toilet. Constant use can waste a lot of water, increasing utility costs and negatively affecting the environment.

3. Flushing Issues:

Do you find that you have to repeatedly unclog your toilet despite your best efforts? Your toilet may not be able to discharge waste properly if it frequently becomes clogged or if the flushing force is inadequate.

This may be because it is old and has lost some of its flushing capacity. Older toilets may not be equipped to produce enough water for flushing, which can lead to frequent blockages and inconvenient repairs.

4. Stinky Smells:

Even after a thorough cleaning, lingering stenches in the bathroom may point to a leak or other damage you haven’t noticed. These smells can be offensive and unsanitary, so they should be replaced.

5. Broken or chipped:

Another very important and common sign of toilet replacement is a damaged toilet. The structural integrity of your toilet has been damaged if you can see cracks or chips in the porcelain bowl or tank. Leaks and broken toilets are possible results of toilets that have developed cracks.

6. Toilet Seat Is Unstable:

If the toilet seat is not placed correctly, is too shaky, or moves about too much, you may experience Inconvenience and discomfort. If the problem persists after tightening the seat, it’s time to get a new toilet.

7. Discolorations and Spots:

Discoloration or stains inside the toilet bowl that don’t come clean, no matter how often you scrub, could be a sign of mineral deposits or decaying porcelain.

These stains not only look disgusting but are also unhygienic. Therefore, a replacement can be an option that can bring about a clean start.

8. Older, Outdated Toilets:

The water efficiency of an older toilet may not compare to a newer model’s. More water is wasted with each flush when using an older toilet. Therefore, if you are an environmental activist, changing to a modern, low-flow toilet is one easy way to save water.

Your 1 Plumber Offers Toilet Replacement

Recognizing the common signs of toilet replacement and taking prompt action is important.

At Your 1 Plumber, our team of trained, licensed plumbers ensure top-quality toilet replacement services in Germantown, Frederick, Silver Spring, Columbia, and other Maryland areas. We have been offering plumbing services for over 15 years and are considered one of the most reliable plumbers in Maryland.  

So, contact us today and replace your problematic toilet.

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