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Faucet Replacement: 6 Common Mistakes

While faucet replacement doesn’t have to be a hard and dirty job, you still need to be sure that you are taking your time and installing the faucet correctly.

And, as with most DIY projects, there are some common mistakes that you should avoid to make the job go smoothly. If you want to get the job done and done well, avoid doing the following:

1. Forgetting to Turn Off the Water

This one may seem like a no-brainer but it can make quite the mess.

Common Faucet Replacement Mistakes

To ensure that you don’t accidently end up injuring yourself and flooding your house, make sure to turn off the main water before you remove the old faucet to replace it.

2. Not Sealing the Threads

If you don’t use plumber’s tape or plumber’s putty to seal the threads on your drain connections, you are going to end up with leaks that could ruin and corrode not only your pipes, but also anything being stored under your sink. Not to mention the wasted water and money.

3. Reusing Old Parts

While quite often you can get away with reusing old parts, sometimes new is better. Reusing old p-traps and other parts, especially if they are made of metal, will only cause you more problems and headaches down the road.

4. Guessing About Parts

To save yourself a lot of time and hassle trying to guess what parts and sizes you need, take the old faucet to the hardware store with you so that you will know exactly what you need to purchase.

5. Soldering While Water is Still Dripping

Make sure that the pipes are 100% dry before trying to solder them. Dry pipes are much easier to solder together and you are less likely to make a mistake.

6. Not Giving Yourself Enough Time

Even though faucet replacement is a moderately easy job, make sure that you give yourself enough time not only to get the job done, but to get the job done even if there are some problems along the way. If you don’t allow yourself enough time and end up feeling that you are rushed, you have a greater chance of making a mistake.

Faucet Replacement Diagram

Need a Little Friendly Advice or Assistance?

If you need help replacing a faucet, give us a call.  If we’re not immediately available to assist you, one of our technicians will return your call at the very first opportunity.

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