To help you determine what kind of water heater is best for your home, here are the characteristics of each type based on the following factors:


The size of a water heater is measured in gallons. Typically, both electric and gas water heaters are available in sizes ranging from 20 to 100 gallons. However, electric water heaters are also available as point-of-origin heaters to facilitate specific faucets.

Secondly, electric water heaters are comparatively more compact than gas water heaters, which require proper placement and designated outlets for ventilation.

Hot Water Availability

It’s essential to consider the heater’s first-hour rating (FHR) to determine how much hot water the tank can produce within the first hour. Typically, you’ll find higher FHR on gas heaters, as they heat water faster than electric heaters. But for that, you must also give thought to the energy supply; it is likelier for a house to have electricity lines than gas lines in Maryland.

Maintenance and safety concerns

Both types of water heaters are relatively easy to maintain; you just have to regularly flush them to prevent any sediment from settling on the tank’s bottom layer.

You should also periodically inspect the gas lines supplying fuel to the gas water heater for any leakages that could result in an explosion. Likewise, it would be best if you scrubbed the vents to remove any buildup to prevent any carbon monoxide leaks in your home.


Even though electric water heaters are cheaper to purchase because they tend to have fewer operational parts, they use up power, which costs more per month than natural gas. The gas water heater pays for itself in terms of lower utility bills over time.

The installation process cost for a gas water heater is also costlier than that of an electric heater.


Although gas water heaters are cheaper to operate, electric water heaters are more efficient, as they transfer all the received energy to the water.

Environmental concerns

Gas water heaters are less eco-friendly, as they use natural gas which has to be extracted, releasing excessive amounts of harmful gases. In comparison, electric water heaters can be powered via renewable energy sources, such as hydro-electric and solar power, which minimize their ecological impact.

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