Replacing a faucet can have a significant design impact on the look of your kitchen. Having said that, here are five things you should know before replacing the kitchen faucet:

1. Always turn off the water valve before replacing the kitchen faucet

If you haven’t touched the water valve in years, it may have jammed up. Excessive twisting can cause the water valve and supply line to break. Applying heat with a hairdryer directly onto the valve can help you loosen it. Alternatively, you could use locking pliers.


2. Removing an old faucet

With hundreds of DIY videos on YouTube, it’s easy to believe that the process of ripping out the old faucet is just a matter of loosening a few washers and nuts with an adjustable wrench. But take it from an expert, it’s easier said than done. The nut bolts and washers often get stuck onto the faucet lines due to rusting. It is possible to spray penetration oil on them to dissolve the corrosion. Despite that, if the nuts still won’t turn, it’s time to cut them off using a saw. Be careful not to slice down the pipe.

3. Support your back, literally

Crawling into the cabinet and lying down across an uneven surface to work on the faucet joint is never good for your back. Use a scrap of plywood that’s wide enough to support your back and underpin it using cans or boxes that are tall enough to even out the few inches between the floor and the cabinet, to give you a flat surface to lay on.

4. Know when to stop

Faucet replacement should take about two hours if you do it right. If it takes you longer and requires you to remove additional plumbing to reach the faucet lines, it’s best to call a plumbing expert.

5. You need a plumber for wall-mounting a kitchen faucet

Faucets that attach directly to the wall behind the sink are useful for those who are looking to create a vintage aesthetic. If you plan to switch from a deck-mounted faucet to a wall-mounted one, you’re going to need to call in a plumber to open up the wall behind the sink and integrate new water supply lines. You may also want to replace the old sink with the faucet holes while you’re at it.

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