Why a Plumbing Check-up is Necessary before Buying a Home

The process of buying a new home can be complicated and confusing at times. A new home equals a lot of what, what-ifs, and why nots. In this blog, we’ll discuss why a plumbing checkup is important before buying a home.

In the US, all licensed mortgage lenders require a plumbing inspection before giving the final ‘go-ahead’ on a property. Your 1 Plumber provides plumbing inspection, installation, and checkup services in various areas of Maryland, including Frederick, Colombia, German Town, and Silver Springs. A plumbing inspection is your ticket for house valuation, and it also says that now the house is okay for occupation.

Let us go through the top three things you should look into while conducting a plumbing checkup for your new home.

The Main Sewer Line

A functional sewer is essential to keep your home systems up and running. Infinite reasons exist as to why a sewer line could be clogged. Often, the previous owners of the house had no clue that there was a plumbing problem in their home. If the sewer problems are serious, then they will eventually end up costing a lot in terms of plumbing installation, repairs, and replacements.

A complete plumbing inspection includes a complete checkup of your home’s main sewer line.

Pipe Leaks

Pipe leaks are another issue to look into when buying a hew house. Pike leaks cause many problems, including wet basements, floorings, sidings, walls, mold, mildew, and pipe corrosion.

Water Heaters

You use warm water to cook, clean, shower, wash dishes, and so on. Therefore, a functional water heater is of great importance. Regular maintenance and repair are vital if you want them to stay functional. Checking the water heaters during a plumbing checkup will confirm if the water heater is in working condition or not. At Your 1 Plumbing, our professional plumbers go the extra mile to check around the heater for leaks and water damage.

Your 1 Plumbing is a team of dedicated professionals and experts providing homeowners in Maryland with organic drain cleaner service, backup sump pumps service, plumbing service, water line repair, toilet replacement service, water heater repair, and new faucet installation, amongst others. Call us on +3015407586 or book an appointment here.

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