What To Do If Your Water Heater Is Leaking?

Leaking water heaters are a problem that homeowners try to avoid addressing as much as they can. We tend to avoid water heater repairs and replacement till the last minute.  However, at this point, we might be unable to avoid the internal and external damage caused by the leaking water heater.

We at Your 1 Plumber believe that it is essential to know how to take care of the water heaters in your home and what measures to take if they start leaking.

Step 1: Leak Identification: Find out where the leak is coming from

Try to find the leak. In case it is a water heater leak, the next step is to find out the leak’s location. Is it situated in the tank, the pipes, or the valve faulty? If it’s the pipes, are the pipes connected to the heaters that are leaking or some other pipes nearby? If the other pipes are leaking, the issue is not related to your heater. You should call a plumber instead though we at Your 1 Plumber also provide plumbing installation services in Maryland, German Town, and surrounding areas.

Step 2: Hire a Professional Plumber

Once confirmed that the water heating is leaking, the smart thing to do would be to call a professional plumber. If you are not a licensed plumber, we do not recommend playing with the pipes or doing a DIY project out of your water heater.

Step 3: Take Charge of the Situation

If the leak is severe, it would be better to turn off the main water valve to avoid further damage to the heater and your property. The valve is located within 5 feet from where the main line enters your house in America. If you cannot find it there, try looking for it near the heating/cooling systems, on the front wall of your house wall, or in the mechanical room. Wait for a plumber to arrive.

Use the steps above to fix your water heater. If you cannot fix the leak yourself, call professionals to do so. We at Your 1 Plumber can help you address all your water heater repairs and replacement effectively and efficiently. You can contact us here for your heater & plumbing and other issues.

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