Helpful Tips to Maintain Your Drainage System

An appropriately maintained drainage system essential for any building. The only way to keep it safe is prevention. Drainage structures have saved us from flood and rain damage and offer us ease of living.

For a healthy drainage system, drain cleaning pros advise keeping your drainage pipes clean just like your washroom tiles and kitchen countertops. Always dispose cooking fats, oils, and other non-soluble materials in the trash instead of the sink. Here are seven tips on maintaining your drainage system to avoid any damage.

Drain Guard

Use a drain guard to avoid the waste going down the drain. This is a small, plastic, or metal disk which is used to keep the debris and other waste from going down the pipelines. It can also prevent loose hair from clogging the drain.

Drain Cleaner

Always use a cleaner to avoid it getting clogged. Use a natural drain cleaner to avoid corrosion. We recommend the Bio-Clean organic drain cleaner to clean your drains as it is organic and has the most natural ingredients. It is a safe and effective way to stop the drains from being clogged.

Garbage Disposal

Clean the garbage disposal occasionally with a strong brush. You can make a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, lime, and some water to clean it. This really helps in unclogging.

Bathing Pets

We know bathing a pet is not an easy job, it’s really tiring. But we suggest never washing your pet in the sink directly. It will clog the drain system as all of their hair will culminate around the plughole. Always lay a drain cloth in the sink first to collect all the hair and dispose of it later.

Look for Signs of Trouble

Drain clogging signs are not really prominent until it’s too late. But you can identify when the water starts draining slowly which can indicate a problem. If you notice these changes, try to resolve them immediately.

Let The Professional Do the Job

If you are looking for a drain cleaning service in Germantown, contact us at 301-540-7586 for the best services in town. We use the Bio-Clean organic drain cleaner technique to give the best results. We also offer promotional discounts and same-day services in case of emergency in addition to water heater repair, toilet replacement, sewer repairs, kitchen faucet installation, and drain cleaning services.

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