4 Ways to Prevent Plumbing Leaks

Even a small plumbing leak can create a big mess? If you’re ever stuck in a plumbing emergency immediately turn off the main water supply of the house.

However, what’s better than that is preventing the leak from happening. A small leak can lead to not only an expensive bill but also serious damage to your plumbing system and home. If you ignore the smaller problems, they may cause unnecessary stress on your pipes which will lead to a leak.

Here are some ways to prevent plumbing leaks.

Insulate Your Pipes

The weather can be chilly in the winter which can sometimes freeze the pipes. The best and the simplest way is to insulate the pipes. It not only helps prevent leakage in the winter but also saves a few bucks by lowering energy costs. Contact a plumbing service near you to get this done.

Regular Boiler Servicing

It is important to keep your boiler running properly. It doesn’t cause immense damage but it may take away a sufficient amount of money. On-going boiling can affect the internal components of your machine. It shortens the life expectancy of machine and cause recurrent leaks.

Know The Location Of Your Pipe

It‘s best to know the location of your pipes and cables before attempting any DIY projects. You’ll be surprised to know the number of calls our team at Your 1 Plumber receives when people accidentally drill through the water pipe. Purchase a stud sensor that can locate any pipe or cable in the wall if you’re a DIY freak.

Keep A Check On Water Pressure

As great as high water pressure feels, especially in hot showers, it actually damages your plumbing system. Valves and joints are especially vulnerable to pressure-related leaks. This can reduce its life expectancy. So, if you feel the high pressure in your taps then reach out to plumbing installation services which can install a pressure-decreasing valve.

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