The Difference Between Battery Powered and Water Powered Sump Pumps

Apart from maintaining the quality of our homes, sump pumps also protect our belongings from water damage all the time. Here is a comparison of two of the most popular types of sump pumps for people who want to buy the type that suits their requirements the most. By the end of this blog, you will be able to understand either a water-powered or a battery-powered sump pump suits your requirement the most. So continue reading and thank YOUR1PLUMBER later.

Water-Powered Sump Pumps

A water-powered sump pump is a perfect option for people that live in a place with power outages since water-powered sump pumps are powered by water pressure and don’t necessitate electricity or a battery to function. This type of sump pump requires a minimal amount of water pressure to function and is an efficient source of removing gallons of water.

Drawbacks of a Water-Powered Sumps

The ability to run limitlessly without a battery makes the installation of water-powered sump pumps quite complicated. Moreover, it requires certain water pressure, pipe type, and flow rate to function efficiently. Installing a sump pump may require you to hire a plumbing contractor for making changes to your plumbing system. This system isn’t ideal for houses that utilize a well.

Who Needs It

People with good plumbing systems, line-water pressure, flow rate, and water supply can benefit from water-powered sump pumps. Water-powered sump pumps are ideal for those who want a cost-effective and efficient backup for sump pumps.

Battery-Powered Sump Pumps

Battery-Powered sump pumps are very easy to install and function. Their operations offer versatility when it comes to usage. This pump doesn’t have a list of requirements to function other than a functional battery. Battery-powered sump pumps are comparatively more powerful than water-powered sump pumps and come with varied models and options.

Drawbacks of a Battery-Powered Sumps

As the name implies, battery-powered sump pumps run on batteries and can run low or out of battery during prolonged power outages. Their functions entirely retire once the battery dies. Battery-powered sump pumps require annual maintenance and a battery change after 5 to 7 years for prolonged integrity and quality.

Who Needs It

These pumps suit houses with very low or zero power outages. They are best for homes that require a huge amount of water to be pumped out. Their battery-powered engine can pump water with a comparatively much larger force. People with even very low technical knowledge can easily operate them. However, it’s not a very cost-efficient option in the longer run.

Both of these backup sump pumps are very efficient in keeping excess water away from homes. Decisive factors can be determined by people who are to use them. Now that you know the functionality of these two types of sump pumps, it will be easier for you to invest in the type that suits your home arrangement, lifestyle, and preferences best.

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