Emergency Plumbing Solutions for Homeowners

A serious plumbing problem can occur at any point of the day. Homeowners should have the basic knowledge to detect some potential issues and to determine if they are facing a pressing issue ahead. You can establish a procedure for the times when you face a plumbing crisis using these tips.  

Materials Required

You can never know what type of emergency plumbing crisis you may find yourself in, in the future. So it is in your best interest to keep the following material handy.

  • Keep a large bucket to help you catch excess water and keep your house dry in case of a leak.
  • Keep some quality paper towels at the ready in case you run out of rags to absorb excess water that may spill in places that are required to dry quickly.
  • Make sure to have a range spanner and slip-joint pliers in your toolbox. It is best to have a variety of wrenches too.
  • A screwdriver is always helpful. Don’t forget to add it to the toolbox too.
  • Plungers and forced cup plungers are vital for home plumbing needs. Both are very helpful in unclogging major back-ups
  • Duct and sealing tape can be of great use in temporarily securing any leak or joining pipes until a professional plumbercan examine the situation
  • Wire coats hangers can serve many purposes including acting as a plumbing multitool.

Emergency Tips

All the tools in the world can’t help you if you don’t know how to use them. Several instances require you to understand a little bit about managing circumstances as well. These tips help you prepare for any emergency plumbing crisis that may arise.

  • In case of a pipe leakor burst, turn off your water supply immediately, while you are waiting for a plumbing expert, drain your system by turning all cold water faucets in your house on and completely flushing your toilet.
  • Make sure to turn off the switch before trying to unblock the garbage disposal or a sink. Instead of putting your hand inside the garbage disposal, use tongs for cleaning excess debris. After taking out excess debris, use two plungers for unclogging. unclog from the first plunger while covering the closest drain with the second. This practice will enhance the plunging force.

After taking the necessary steps to address the plumbing problem, try contacting a reliable plumbing contractor. If you live in Montgomery County, Howard County, Fredrick County, or Prince George’s County, and are having any plumbing-related problem, you can always contact YOUR1PLUMBER. We provide reliable plumbing solutions at a fair and honest price. Contact us now.


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