Is It Time To Update Your Sewer Lines?

When sewer lines are not updated on time, they can cause a lot of health problems. There are multiple reasons your sewage pipeline might be deteriorating:

1. Sewage clogs

Flushing everyday products like paper towels, cotton, or any feminine hygiene product can clog the sewage lines. But, if you’re not flushing items down the drain and still experiencing a blockage, it might be due to problems in sewer lines.

2. Water fixture problems

Malfunctioning water fixtures area sign of damaged sewer lines. Overflowing water in the bathtub, sink, or a water pool in your basement or floor can signify a problem in your sewer lines.

3. High Water Bill

A high water bill indicates that your system is working overtime to pump the water; this could happen due to breakage in sewer lines. A professional plumber can help you out in diagnosing the leading cause of breakage.

4.  Old age

According to the Centre for Sustainable Systems, 72% of houses in the US are more than 20 years old, which increases the odds of having plumbing issues. As old pipelines can expericence significant problems, if your channel has been there for 20-25 years, you probably need to replace it.

5. Mold Problems

Mold growth can indicate hidden sewer line problems. Molds usually require 55% humidity to start growing. Considering this, a breakage in the sewer line can cause molds to grow around your wall, along with a bad sewer odor.

6. Insect Infestation

Insect infestation can be a sign that you have a broken sewage line. If you see insects like flies, cockroaches, bugs, etc., this can indicate damage to your line. Maybe you think of calling a pest control company, but if your sewer line is compromised, the insects will never stop coming.

7. Strange sounds

Bubbling sound coming from the sewer pipes can signify that there is a problem with lines. This blockage can also add up to the bad smell from the pipe.

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