6 Common Household Items You Should Not Put Down Your Drain

If you have experienced a clogged drain, you would know there are some things that one should never put down the drain. In addition, everyday products can cause drainage problems that may result in serious plumbing issues:

1. Oil and Fat

Oil, grease, or any cooking fat can result in a blocked kitchen sink or clogged drain. However, these items can be used for recycling purposes for biodiesel (a form of fuel).

2. Egg Shells

There is a widespread opinion that it’s okay to put your kitchen waste in the sink or garbage disposal. But in fact, it’s the most common cause of drain blockage. In addition, kitchen waste is usually compostable, so people should dispose of it to be reused.

3. Medicine

Expired medicines are harmful to the environment, especially if you’re pouring them down the drain. Through drains, they find their way into lakes, rivers, etc., destroying our ecosystem.

Multiple medical waste disposal units are available, which are safe for disposal, and they also help keep the environment secure for all.

4. Paint

In some states, washing paint brushes in the sink is considered dangerous, as the residue paint that goes down the drain can cause blockage. Moreover, the chemicals present in the paint can mix with the water supply, making it toxic for usage.

5. Stickers

Who knew stickers and your drainage system are sworn enemies? However, the adhesive on the stickers is enough to stick them to the pipes. Even if they can pass through your pipes, they can still stick to the filters, resulting in more problems.

6. Paper Towel

Even though cotton and paper towels are biodegradable, it doesn’t infer that they will dissolve quickly. They are manufactured for absorbing purposes; this makes them clog the drain if not disposed of properly. If you use them, make sure to throw paper towels into the trash.

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