4 Types Of Water Leakage Around Your Home

A 2019 survey has found that, on average, families in the U.S pay about $ 72.93 for their monthly water bill.

Would you believe us if we told you there’s an easy way to decrease your bill?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has found that about 1 trillion gallons of water are lost due to leaks in the U.S alone.

The easiest and fastest way to decrease your water bill is to fix that dripping faucet in your house!

Leaks tend to happen frequently, but repetitive leaks in a specific area may indicate a pipeline failure. Consult a local plumbing company to inspect this issue and keep reading to learn more about common types of water leakages.

Types of leakage

1. Toilet

A running toilet is the most annoying form of a leak. The cause is a faulty recovery valve that allows the water to flow continuously. There can also be leaks from different parts of the toilet. In this case, it’s essential to call a plumber and install a new toilet.

2. Kitchen  

The kitchen consists of various fixtures and appliances that use and supply water. Appliances like dishwashers and disposer units also use water and can develop a leak. Regular checks are necessary to ensure your kitchen appliances are in perfect working condition.

3. Wall and roof pipe:

The constant dripping of a leaking pipe can cause flooding if not appropriately managed. The pressure that builds up in a hole or breaks in the pipe can cause a pipe burst. These leaks in the pipeline cause mold on the wall and roofs of homes leading to health hazards.

4. Irrigation system;

If you have a backyard garden with an irrigation system to water the plants, you must monitor it to prevent water wastage. Puddles in the garden are clear signs of a leak that needs repair. If you’re unable to solve this problem, consult an emergency plumber in Frederick, MD. These experts can solve your problem without any hassle.

If you’ve come across any of these types of water leakages, try to control the situation by turning off the water main. Immediately after, call your local plumbing company in Frederick, MD, to take care of the situation.

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