4 Reasons For Dishwasher Clogs And How To Fix it

Dishwasher units are essential elements used as home appliances—in fact, reports show that by 2019, 8.34 million dishwashers were used in the United States. With an annual growth rate of 1.52%, revenue for dishwashing machines amount to USD 2,695 million in 2021.

These machines make it easy to wash and dry dishes and are a necessity for all homes, but they aren’t without their problems—which include blockages and malfunctions in the unit.

If your dishwasher is always clogged, it’s best to hire a Montgomery plumber for maintenance and general repairs. Here are four reasons you may have a clogged dishwasher.

Reasons for dishwasher clogs

1. Filter Basket

The filter basket is meant to hold food scrap while the remaining water is sent down the drain. If not emptied and cleaned, this basket will fill up to allow food scrap to enter the drain or, worse, clog the dishwasher itself.

2. Drain hose

Dishwasher units can either be connected to a disposer unit or directly to the kitchen sink drain through a hose. Regular cleaning is necessary for this connecting hose to prevent a build-up of scrap and prevent clogs.

3. Clogged drain

Sometimes if the dishwasher doesn’t drain properly, It’s not necessarily due to a clog in the unit. It could be a clog further down the drainage line. An easy way to distinguish between the two is to check if other drains in the house drain properly. If this is not the case, there could be a big problem further down your general sewer line.

4. Broken sewer line

Sewer lines are essential components of all houses. As all the drains in the house connect to it, it directs the wastewater into sewers. A clog or breakage in the sewer line can cause the water to back up in all your home drains. This isn’t necessarily your dishwasher’s fault but rather a general clog. Expert assistance can help you clear out this problem.

You can contact Montgomery plumbing service to fix this issue before it leads to a more significant problem.

If you need services regarding dishwasher plumbing, installation, repair, or maintenance and are based in Montgomery, MD, consult a local plumbing company immediately to solve all your plumbing problems.

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