4 Ways to Detect Water Leaks

Noticing a sharp rise in your water bills? Seeing pools of water emerge out of nowhere on your basement floor? You might be dealing with a water leak. Here are a few ways to detect water leaks at the right time.

Investigate Appliances and Fixtures

Let’s start by investigating appliances and fixtures. Check your cabinets under the laundry, kitchen, and bathroom. Also, watch for puddles around the base of toilets, tubs, beneath the dishwasher, heater, and showers. If there are any puddles or leakages, turn off the water supply valve immediately and call a professional plumber.

As for the water meter, you can investigate by turning off all the appliances, including the washing machine and dishwashers. Within a few hours, the water meter will likely begin to change, which indicates water leakage.

Monitor Your Utility Bills Constantly

Water utility bills can help you detect water leakage. Start by checking rates in your water bills; if they are increasing without any change in water usage, there must be a hidden leak.

Keep a track of your bills and check every two to three months. Any sudden spikes could be indicative of water leaks.

Be Aware of Underground Water Leaks

The cost of repairing underground water leaks can be too much. Be aware of any water leakage because this can cause you plenty of money and time. For underground or outdoor water leakage, first, you must know what to look for.

Do you know water makes soil smooth and dark? So, start by looking for softer areas and dark spots in your yard. If you find any area wet even after a dry spell, this could be an issue.

Don’t Forget to Check Your Faucets

In many houses, the main source of water leakage is a faucet; a worn rubber washer could be an issue. With the correct and reliable tools, you can easily replace the washer but make sure you stop the water supply from the main cutoff valve.

However, water leakage does not only cause potential damage but also increases the water crisis. According to a study, every year, an average household’s water leakage can be around 10,000 gallons of water. So be precautionary and connect with a professional plumber.

Save Time & Money-Hire Reliable Professionals

Since you’re aware of some useful ways to detect water leaks; you can stop leakages before things get out of control. The excellent preventative measures are to monitor your faucets, water meter, kitchen, and toilets. If you find any leaks, connect with a professional your1plumber immediately.

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