The Importance of Drain Cleaning

When washing clothes or dishes, different types of particles and“ grease go down the drain. While taking a shower, dirt from the body, soap, and hair goes through the plumbing system. If left unaddressed, all that debris can turn into a clog. According to research by the department of health, the estimated domestic sewage flow is more than 10,000 gallons per day. Handling such amount of drainage can cause a huge damage to your home, especially kitchen and bathrooms.

What can Block Your Drains?

Let’s be honest; anything that goes down the drain is not only water. It includes bits of hair, food, tissues, fats, garbage, oil, and other washing chemicals. When you rinse them down the flush or sink, you increase the risk of drain blockage.

Whether it’s drainage or gutter, all sewage systems require cleaning at least twice a year to work properly. Negligence can lead to damage pipes and huge leakage. If you’re not aware of the cleaning process, you can always hire a professional to save money and time.


A well-functional drain in the kitchen and bathroom can prevent drain blockages. Here are some useful tips to prevent your home from drain blockage:

  • Be aware of what you wash in the shower, sink, and toilet drain.
  • Invest in the drain screen/vent.
  • Don’t use an over-the-counter chemical to clean the drain because it can damage your pipes.
  • Check drain stoppers at least twice a month for any soap buildup, hair, or any other solid particles starting to accumulate.
  • Use air burst, it blows out carbon dioxide and other gasesbreak the blockage.
  • Use hot water to clean your drain; it helps in cleaning any buildup.

Above preventative tips can minimize the risk of major drain issues. Unmaintained drains can cause severe blockage, which may decrease water quality or cause potential health risks.

Fast & Efficient Professional Drain Cleaning in Palm Beach, Florida

A clean drain keeps your sewage system functional, and if you ignore them, you may have to deal with issues like drain blockage. However, not everyone can cope with the whole drain system maintaining procedure; some people often forget about it.

In the current era, it’s tough to balance work life with households, and we don’t blame any individual. You can always reach out to a professional, like your1plumber. We offer professional drain cleaning and video inspection services all across Palm Beach Country, FL.

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